5 Dating Tips! Advice From A Gay Guy!

Welcome back! Hmm, well I guess I'll be going through this video lookin' like a unicorn! Damn As someone who's already gone through the terrible world of dating, I wanna help keep you away from horrible guys, and help to keep you from becoming one, because that's important! So, today's video is gonna be 5 tips for dating a gay guy, but if there are any straight people watching this, don't click away, because I can guarantee these tips are gonna help you too

Comin' up! (intro music plays) Ok, let's just jump into it so that you can get out there and find your Romeo In my opinion, one of the best dates that you can go on, especially for a first date, is the classic "dinner date" You get to be in public, which is awesome in case he turns out to be some creepy axe murderer You get to have delicious food And! You get to have a fantastic conversation! Unless he's a total dud

But that's what this video is for: To help you keep the weeds out of your garden That sounded dirty But one of the biggest concerns about the classical "dinner date" is: Who the hell pays for it? Which leads to number one: If you did the asking, you're doing the paying You do not get to ask me out on a date, take me to the most beautiful and expensive restaurant in the entire city, tell me to get whatever I want off of the menu, order drinks for both of us, and tell the server that she's going to get a fantastic tip because she complimented your new highlights- these aren't highlights, by the way I'm just going grey- and then push the bill toward me when it shows up

Well, I mean I'm married, so you don't get to go on a date with me anyway (music plays) But the point remains! You want some honey? Then show me the money! That makes me sound like a gigolo Moving right along Number two Don't talk about being "straight acting

" Let's do a quick character study You're on a date with someone of the same sex If you're trying to act straight, you're definitely getting an "F", because you're sure as hell not getting the "D" To be totally honest, it's super insulting to any gay guy who actually respects himself (tongue pop) Number three: Three

Do not Be afraid Of being romantic We live in a really scary world right now where everything is kind of just horrific and you have to be afraid of everything around you, but! The one thing that you don't really need to be afraid of is romance Chivalry is only dead if you take it off of life support, so give it a chance to live

If you're on a date, and it's going really, really well, and you feel like you might kinda like this guy, it's ok to open a door for him every once in a while, and it's completely ok to let him open a door for you, too It just means he likes you And, while we're on the topic of romance! Him being romantic does not mean that you owe him Just because he opened the car door for you does not mean you need to get into the back seat I mean unless he's cute, and you want to and then go for it, there's no judgement but you do not have to

But, remember: being romantic, much like being a douchebag is not gender or orientation specific You can choose which one you want to be Number four: Control your eyeballs! Why did I do a closeup when I have a pimple on my face? If you're on a date, the guy that you're with should be your focus until the date is over That guy over there in the corner with that fantastic ass? He doesn't exist right now I know you're not dead, and you're gonna notice the guy, but think about if you were on a date with someone who was checking out every other person around you

Would you go on a date with them again? No You probably wouldn't So don't be that person that even you wouldn't want to go out with again (tongue pop) And number five and I can't stress this enough: There is nothing wrong with online dating or dating apps We live in a world that is super busy and some people have no time to meet people in any other way

If that's how you need to meet somebody, go for it, 100 percent totally an acceptable method of finding the perfect person but, there is a special place in Hell for those people who go out on a date and check their dating app while the date is happening Even if the date is a total bust, the biggest way to prove that you're a douchebag is to be in the middle of a conversation, and have this happen: "So tell me a little bit about yourself You said that you|(Grindr tone) "Sorry, one sec" "Whoa!" See? See how douche-y that looked? Don't do it! And a bonus tip! That's right! I said you were gonna get five, and you're gonna get six! Awe, man you just(stammers) shut up Subscribe! Make sure he's a fan of my videos because then you have something to talk about on your first date

(imitates explosion) Shameless self-promotion But think about it If he's seen this video, he probably knows he should have opened a door for you and if he hasn't done that yet, then you know that you should politely excuse yourself, pretend to go to the washroom, and actually just catch a cab and go home I'm kidding Don't do that

Just tell him that you'll call him, and then ghost him like a decent human being How in the Hell did I end up getting married?! (Outtro music begins) Hey, I hope you liked today's video If you did, go ahead and give it a big thumbs up That would be wonderful If you're new here, or you haven't done it yet click right there to subscribe to the channel

I make new videos just like this one every single Sunday More of those videos are right down there, all of my social media right in the corner there, and I will see you next week! (tongue pop) Oh my God, I didn't think I was actually going to get that tongue pop to work

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