5 Social Anxiety Dating Tips

5 Relationship Tips for people with anxiety Have you ever been to a party? and found himself becoming more friend of the dog or cat often in a little corner rather than mixing with companies of the human kind? If you are one of the many people who live with social anxiety, this may seem very familiar to you

And though our furry friends really are wonderful companies, those among us with anxiety may still want that special feeling, someone with whom to share a little love and affection But if the process of balancing romance and anxiety leaves you

So anxious And just thinking is overheating your brain with a million different thoughts and "what if " just take some time and breathe We'll cover you Because relationships can be difficult in the best of situations, and can be even more challenging when dealing with anxiety Psych2Go concatenated a short list of 5 Tips to Keep in Mind while you set off in search of the ideal partner

NUMBER 1: take a good long look at the mirror and ask yourself what you really want in a partner If the prospect of spending time with someone who likes to always be in the spotlight It leaves you sweating cold, people with this feature may not be the best pointers to romance Remember: you control who you invite and whom you accept for a date NUMBER 2: you also have the power to control the environment Crowds, crowded bars and crowded clubs, Do you make you miss that little corner with an animal? Try to suggest an activity that will make you a bit more comfortable

and do not feel pressured to give great explanations It can be as simple as saying "Actually I'm not a fan of this" or "I'd rather do it, if that's okay" NUMBER 3: as the old saying goes: dress for success, is not a famous saying in Portuguese) As well as the control over who you date and where you go, you can control how you feel when going for your romantic adventure Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable easily and that you enjoy using

When you dress well, you feel good And feeling good may be invaluable in keeping your anxiety under control NUMBER 4: if meeting new people makes you nervous, try to establish a "safety net" for you Ask a friend to send messages and check, or to stand around so you can bump into yourself and see how you are or invite your partner to do something with a group of your friends Have people you already know and trust waiting on the flanks to help you when you're meeting someone new may be the key to scaring away some of the anxiety

NUMBER 5: last but certainly not least: Take a deep breath and go have fun Remember that dating should be enjoyable experiences Wait until you meet someone you enjoy, and with whom you want to spend time Be sure of yourself before you go out on a date If things do not end the way you expect them to, you have the "safety net" of your friends waiting

And you do not have to see the other person again, if you do not want to Living with social anxiety can sometimes make it seem like you're not in control, But you are! And maybe these tips will help you as you put yourself "on the track for business" What do you think? Do you have dating tips? What works best for you? Psych2Go would like to know! Leave a comment down there

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