Are You This Type Of Person? | The Dating Doc

it's Chris the dating doc here and I got a question are you an attention-seeker or either type that you swipe you send messages you text and the next you know it dies off because you got bored easily and you're off to the next match or next person that you see on your app whether it's tender a bumble okay if you're the type you know ask yourself this you know that time is gonna continue to pass by you can gain weight lose weight you can gain money lose money but time and finding that companionship it's something that's gonna keep on going if you're doing the same type of habits so if you're an attention seeker it is okay for you to admit that you can comment below let me know hey look I'm an attention seeker I'm the kind of person who is excuse my language half-assing this journey so if you're an attention seeker comment below and understand that in the end of it you have to start practicing the right type of habits to find that companionship you have to receive value as well as give value let me know I'd love to hear from you take care

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