Keep It Positive, Change Your Circle! | The Dating Doc

hey this message is for anyone and everyone it doesn't matter if your single relationship okay I gotta I'm a dating coach but listen to me do not let assholeness rub off on you nowadays were in the we're in the current era where people will stay through grievances but don't have any solutions are you gonna really let that kind of energy rub off on you no don't be that person if you need to switch up your circle if you need to change the energy right every day you got a chance to control your energy if you're like another you know what I'm really not feeling this person I'm hanging out with or that I'm dating or you know what the person in the mirror needs to get their head out their ass okay to not let assholeness rub off on you unequivocally people do not want to be around assholes okay I don't care how much they keep it real and what not at the end of it most of the time they state the grievances but not a solution so change it up flip the script and do not let them rub off on you

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