The 3 Best Tips For Online Dating

You're probably watching this video because you want to start dating online, but you've heard so many stories about people getting catfished, you've watched the catfish show, and now you're just afraid You've never done this before, so you want to learn what you need to do and look out for in order for that not to happen to you

Another possibility is that you're already dating online, but you're just so tired of always attracting the wrong type of person, so what do you do? Well I'm glad you're here because in this video I'll be covering the 3 things (1, 2, 3), 3 things to really look out for when you're either on Tinder, Bumble, or whatever those other sites are called where you connecting with people who are ready to date Ok, so let's talk about number one Number one, always make sure whenever you get connected with someone, or you're interested in somebody's picture that you're not only looking at the picture Always make sure to go through their page and read about them What is is saying? What is this person about? Does this person have something on his or her page that really sticks out to you? Because what you always want to do is connect it to how you would treat somebody in person

You want to make sure that you take whatever you can into consideration because everybody only gets one chance to make the first impression, right? So once again, make sure that you look at this person's profile to read what this person is about Does he or she have something on there that actually stands out from the next person? Once you have this down, think about what you should do next What should you do next? So next what's great to do is when you start a conversation whether you started it or the other person starts this conversation, pay attention to things that stick out What questions is this person asking you? What type of question is this person asking you, how is he or she introducing himself or herself to you? Are they being too aggressive, are they being too sexual in the way that they're speaking? Pay attention to these little things, and if you decide to go out on a date with this person, see if that person still acts the same – if that person still asks similar questions as he or she's doing on the dating site, on the dating app because that way you will know if this person is portraying to be something that he or she is not, or if he or she feels comfortable actually saying and asking the same type of questions regardless of if he or she is behind a screen or not Number two is that

What's number three? Number three is: really pay attention to what happens after the date So okay, you checked out this person's profile, you liked the picture, you liked what their bio is saying, and number two you're having a conversation with them, you're okay with it, and it sounds good, so you go out on a date What is number three? Well number three is: what is this person saying, or how is this person treating you after the date? Are you hearing from them right after the date? Where they say, "I had a great time with you, let's meet up again," or do you have to wait two days or maybe even a week to hear from this person? And, how is this person talking to you? Always relate it to how you want it to be if you would meet this person in person, and decide to go out on a date You wouldn't be okay if you wouldn't hear from this person soon thereafter, so why would you be okay with waiting to hear from this person that you're dating, or that you met online, and now all of a sudden you're okay with it So that's it, that's all I have for you today

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