You Know You Are Dating a MIAMI-CUBAN Man When…

Imma be in Elleven tonight Just call me Yo, you know what bro

Let me call you back Hay una jevita alli Hey, where you going? Come here Come here Yeah, I'll take you Yo te llevo

Hey, babe Let's go Is this your car? Yeah, this is my car You like it? Yes, I love it! Yeah It's pretty nice A Camaro

It's a convertible, leather seats, is like 40 grand Is not a big deal Woow It's nice! Yeah, so we're going to have dinner Hello? Yo Papi Where you at man? You supposed to return my car one hour ago Donde tu estas? Where you at? Yeah, bro

I give it back to you in one hour, man No rushing I got you, got you I get it back to you I'm on a date right now I'm with my girl Alright So we out, babe? Babe! Hurry up! We need to go to my parents' house! Babe I'm ready Let's go Vamos! Babe, you wanna drink some colada? Sure! Esta fuerte! I can handle it! Babe Babe

Babe, get up Come on let's go out, okay fine Let's go to movies you like movies

Come on, babe Give me five minutes Come on, let's go out! Let's go to dinner Ok babe Are you ready?

Source: Youtube

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